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Flint Mine Solar project (Hudson Energy)


100 MW


1,700 acres in Coxsackie and Athens, with 600 acres of panels and other structures


This large project would be built on former farmland located on both sides of State Route 9W, but with considerable setbacks and intervening topography that would block many views of the plant. The visual impact is consequently expected to be less than that of the Greene County Solar Facility. The developers expect to clear-cut at least 70 acres of woodlands, which Saving Greene opposes, but they have set aside large portions of the facility area for grassland conservation and preservation of the Flint Mine Hill historical district. We find these steps promising but want to ensure that the design meets the needs of Coxsackie residents and protects our natural resources.


What we know:


1. Saving Greene’s position

While Saving Greene opposes the siting of any plant under Article 10 of the Public Service Law, which deprives local governments of home rule rights, we do not necessarily oppose the specific project plans. The scale of the Flint Mine Solar project represents a significant change in land use that potentially affects the character and landscape of Coxsackie. We are also concerned with plans for clear-cutting woodlands.


2. Preliminary Scoping Statement

PSS filed on November 9 and comments received by Nov. 30, 2018 deadline.


3. Revised Scoping Statement

RSS published on Jan. 11 2019 - the revised scoping statement contains Hudson Energy’s response to PSS comments from the community.

3. Friends of Flint Mine sue Town of Coxsackie

The Town held a public hearing on June 11. Materials and opinions gathered were then presented to the Greene County Legislature on June 19 for the purpose of considering Local Law 1 of 2019 – a local law to amend the code of the Town of Coxsackie, Chapter 167 titled “regulations and approval standards for solar energy collection systems.
During the meeting, Saving Greene expressed our position regarding the Article 10 process and the siting of solar within our community. Friends of Flint Mine were in attendance to defend Flint Mine Solar and enforce the request that the Town reconsider solar zoning. The lawsuit was filed in March 2019.