FLINT MINE Preliminary Scoping Statement to be filed - read October 27, 2018 letter here and attend the November 8 open-house at Pegasus on 9W.


Flint Mine project proposal encompasses 1,800 acres

Flint Mine Project was introduced during an open-house on May 30. A second open-house is now planned for November 8, 2018. Hudson Energy Development proposes a 100MW facility sited on 1,800 acres of farm land located in Coxsackie and Athens.

Saving Greene is committed to working with the stakeholders to raise awareness and ensure that the project represents the interests of the community.



Flint Mine




1,800 acres in Coxsackie and Athens


Unprecedented Scope―

This is a huge project that spans both sides of 9W and will have an impact on the wildlife and green space that we now enjoy.


What we know:

  1. Saving Greene’s position

Saving Greene opposes the siting of any plant under Article 10 of the Public Service Law, which deprives local governments of home rule rights guaranteed by the New York State Constitution (Article IX, Section 1). The scale and industrial footprint of the Flint Mine Solar project represent a significant change in land use that affects the character and landscape of Coxsackie. These concerns must be addressed at the local level.



watch this space - we'll publish information as it becomes available



watch this space - we'll publish information as it becomes available