Freepoint Solar

Utility Solar proposed for Route 9W across from Pegasus Restaurant. The Town of Coxsackie has referred the request to the Zoning Board of Appeals. Project proposed by Freepoint Commodities with offices in 6 countries.

The project is a proposed Community Solar (cannot exceed 5 MW).

Next meeting: Thursday, August 1 at 7 pm

The Town of Coxsackie Planning Board will meet to discuss the use variance that has been requested.

See the details below

See the details below


Freepoint Solar


5 MW


67.8 acres

July 30 Public Hearing is scheduled:

The Town of Coxsackie Zoning Board of Appeals conducted a special meeting on June 25 for the purpose of acknowledging receipt of the Use and Area Variance Application of Freepoint Power LLC for a proposed 5 MW community distributed solar energy generating facility located at NYS Route 9W, Coxsackie tax map No. 70.00-4-10.

A public hearing was held on July 30th. Freepoint is asking for relief of zoning. They will be attending the August 1 Town Board meeting to present for the site plan and request a special use permit.