Hecate Energy currently manages over 20 operational or late stage development power-generation projects around the globe, including projects in the United States, Canada, Jordan, and Tanzania.

The Greene County Solar Facility is proposed for a residential district in Coxsackie, essentially converting it to industrial use for at least the next 25 years. The plant is being built under Article 10 of the NYS Public Service Law, which takes siting control away from municipalities and local residents. Consequently we have very little say in whether this project is completed, but we have a major stake in the results.

Saving Greene seeks to expand community awareness of this facility and its potential impact on our lives. Much of our opposition centers around the sheer scale of this facility, which would be the largest of its kind located in a residential setting if built today.



Greene County Solar Facility: Greene County #1, 2, 3


50 MW

Facility area Acreage

800+ acres in the Town and Village of Coxsackie, with 400 acres of solar panels and other structures.

A major electric generating facility:
the project is expected to include roughly 185,000 such panels on two (possibly three) sets of parcels.


Hecate Energy has proposed to site a 50-megawatt utility scale solar facility on more than 800 acres of residential and agricultural land in the town and possibly the village of Coxsackie NY. Their literature promotes the many benefits to our community, however, upon closer investigation the benefits to our community would be negligible.

Proposed Solar Array Locations (Greene County Solar Facility preliminary site plan)

Proposed Solar Array Locations (Greene County Solar Facility preliminary site plan)

What we’ve accomplished:


1. Community support

Support for opposing the Article 10 proceeding from Coxsackie Town Supervisor, Richard Hanse, with endorsements from: US Congressman John Faso; Assemblyman Chris Tague; State Senator George Amedore; the entire Greene County Legislature; and Village of Coxsackie Mayor Mark Evans. See the letter with endorsements.

2. Saving Greene comments on the PIP

Hecate’s Greene County Solar Facility Public Involvement Plan (PIP) comments compiled and submitted to the New York State Public Service Commission by Saving Greene’s attorney and experts, as well as by Saving Greene members.
View the document.

3. Saving Greene comments on the PSS


Preliminary Scoping Statement (PSS) Comments - posted on July 8.

Here are the PSS comments of Saving Greene’s lawyers and experts. As usual, they do an excellent job of identifying issues and suggesting what to do about them. The experts discuss 1) land use 2) environmental issues, and 3) visuals impact studies. Our own comments have been submitted separately (see the 'posted on July 8' link above).

4. July 18 - Article 10 pre-application conference held

An Article 10 pre-application conference for the Hecate Greene project was held on 18 July 2018 at the Coxsackie Village building. Two administrative law judges were present to hear questions and make rulings on previously submitted intervenor funding requests.

5. Hecate responds to PSS comments

Hecate’s response to the PSS Comments from July 27, 2018.

6. August 19 - Saving Greene submits updated comments - download here

Follow the Article 10 process on the NYSDCP-DMM Matter Master Page

7. August 28 - Hecate files “Notice of Proposed Stipulations”

Additional Hecate Energy projects are underway in Coeymans and New Baltimore. See the details here.

Today's trivia: a lot of people ask about the name "Hecate" as in "Hecate Energy..." and most folks seem confused about how to pronounce it. The name is Greek (as in the goddess of witchcraft and crossroads) so-as Hecate Energy says on their Web site-it's pronounced “HEK-uh-tee” rather than the more "refined"-sounding "HEK-uh-tay" or the basic English "HEK-ait."