Saving Greene wants to thank our local officials

Saving Greene wants to thank our local officials in Greene County, and our representatives in Albany and Washington, for sending these letters to the Secretary of the Public Service Commission and the DPS Administrative Law Judge for Hecate Greene’s utility-scale solar plant proposed for Coxsackie.

The unified message conveyed is that while renewables are essential to our future energy needs, proper siting is imperative. The misuse of Article 10 to impose the largest solar power plant to date in NYS on a historic municipality, in a residential community, is unprecedented and must be stopped. Our thanks go to:

Coxsackie Town Supervisor Rick Hanse
Coxsackie Mayor Mark Evans
Greene County Legislature (all members)
Assemblyman Chris Tague
State Senator George Amedore
U.S. Congressman John Faso

You have all listened to and supported your constituents, while providing leadership and guidance as we embark on what will now be considered the renewable era of energy production.

Your stance also validates the fact that this issue goes well beyond NIMBYism. Irresponsibly sited utility-scale solar plants, if allowed to be built without thoughtful siting and the full support of the communities where they are to be located, will have detrimental economic and environmental impacts on small municipalities across upstate New York. Thank you for your foresight and fortitude in protecting our community's beauty and economic future.