Town of Coxsackie Solar Law

We’d like to clarify Saving Greene’s role in the developing the new Coxsackie solar law. It’s being asserted that we participated in writing it, which we did not. Nor did our attorneys. Grant and Lyon, who wrote the Town of Rhinebeck’s solar law, provided a copy of that law to the Town of Coxsackie as a courtesy. To the best of our knowledge, no parts of it were incorporated.

The Town of Coxsackie requested comments on the new law from the community at large. Saving Greene commented during the designated review period. We do not know whether any of our suggestions will be adopted. An example of our comments: we asked that solar developers provide training and supplies if volunteer firefighters are expected to respond to calls.

To reiterate, we did not take part in writing the new law, nor did our attorneys. We did not suggest content or language during the writing of the law. Any assertion to the contrary is verifiably false.