3,500 Acres represents 25% of the acreage that is sited east of Rt. 87 - this land will soon go from residential and agricultural to industrial. Can we afford to lose our Community?

This map represents multiple projects proposed for Coxsackie and Greene County. Project borders are subject to change as developers make adjustments. Developers are planning to consume over 3,000 acres of residential and agricultural land in the town and village of Coxsackie and Athens, NY. 

The total megawatts for these proposed projects represents the largest solar development in a residential area for upstate NY and quite possibly the Northeast.

Map showing 7 of 9 solar projects proposed for Coxsackie. Black areas represent solar arrays.

Map showing 7 of 9 solar projects proposed for Coxsackie. Black areas represent solar arrays.

Ok guys... so these are the potential proposed sites. They are not done deals!! No need to plummet into a deep depression at this point. But instead, this map is meant to open people’s eyes in this community and get you ANGRY! Pissed off! And ready to do what is needed to protect our environment, quality of life and property values. While the Hecate project may not be in your backyard, if you wait, and are not proactive, there will most likely be one creeping up behind you. Saving Greene is a group that has hired an environmental lawyer to protect all of us. Rather than spend our time lamenting about the possible demise of our situation, I ask that you do something about it. Instead become more active in the group. Attend meetings, like our next one on September 12 where Senator Amedore and Assemblyman Chris Tague will be speaking out against the Hecate project. Get a lawn sign, talk with friends about our plight and spread the word, ask for a petition sheet or sign one if you haven’t already, make comments on the DPS website, and on August 14 attend the Town Board Meeting where our new potential solar laws will be unveiled for the community to view and make comments/recommended changes on. But perhaps most imperative right now, please donate to our cause. Our core group is happy to continue this fight, but we must begin to ask that the 900+ members on this site begin to show more support via $ contributions. The fight cannot be won without a lawyer, and it cannot be funded by only a small group in this community. Saving Greene now has a GoFundMe page, or $ can be dropped off at Heartland Realty. It’s go time people! Help in anyway you can, but know that Coxsackie has to come together with angry yet informed bodies, and cash to make this go away. Thank you for your continued support...

Recently many of us have spotted “Solar Saves Farms” signs around the Hecate project sites. Here’s what the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets says about solar and farming in their comments on the Hecate Greene PSS:

“The useful life of solar arrays is approximately 20 to 40 years. The Department considers the conversion of agricultural land to a nonagricultural use for up to 40 years a permanent conversion. The Department is primarily concerned with the percent of agricultural land in the project area that is being converted to nonagricultural use and the impact on the agricultural viability in the Facility Area.”

In other words, solar doesn’t save farms. Solar sometimes eliminates farms. We can’t afford to keep losing prime farmland to solar development.