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Ethical land use and management practices dictate that solar sites be located in low visibility areas and in low value lands such as brownfields and abandoned commercial properties, as well as industrial corridors. The lands being targeted are located in a picturesque valley, with the Catskill mountains as a backdrop. The Greene County Solar Facility is proposed for active farmland surrounded by homes, with the another area potentially sited within the village. The property has a high conservation value with habitat for endangered and threatened species, wetlands, and a natural buffer for extensive wildlife populations.

We are circulating petitions throughout the area to mobilize the sentiment of the community that we do not want this power plant sited here. It is our responsibility to protect and preserve our community from such a large scale project which we believe will profoundly affect both our economy and natural resources.

Route 385, Coxsackie

Route 385, Coxsackie


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